The effects of pitch and listener identity on the perception of women’s voices

Let's be real: there is very little sociolinguistic research done about queer people. Let's be real-er: there's even less done on queer women. Access the (super rough informal) paper HERE.  


Nutrition in Michigan’s correctional facilities

This semester, I took a class on Human Food and Nutrition. For this class, I decided to do an extra project, called an Honor's Option, in order to fulfill some of the requirements for being in MSU's Honor's College. I wanted to do original research in an area that 1) is understudied and 2) has … Continue reading Nutrition in Michigan’s correctional facilities

How low can you go? Pitch as an index of lesbian identity

My main work in the sociolinguistics lab at Michigan State University is a project that I developed myself, which aims to answer two main questions. First, to what extent does pitch range and average pitch affect listeners' perceptions of women's sexual orientation and gender expression? And second, how does listener identity affect perception? To answer these questions, … Continue reading How low can you go? Pitch as an index of lesbian identity