About me

I’m a Baggett Fellow at the University of Maryland at College Park. I do research in linguistics, focusing on phonology and sentence processing. I have a BA in linguistics from Michigan State University (2017). In the fall I’ll be starting a PhD program in linguistics at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

I’m working with Adam Liter and Karthik Durvasula, along with lots of other collaborators here at Maryland and in multiple other departments around the country, on a project that looks at bias in the field of linguistics. Learn more on the website.

Contact me at bethanyidickerson@gmail.com, or check out my¬†LinkedIn for some information on the stuff I do that’s not related to linguistics/academia.


~~ NB: I am not affiliated with or earn money from the ads that appear on my page. I don’t pay for the privilege of having this WordPress site, so they have to make money off me somehow. Yay, capitalism. ~~